Prefabricated houses made from KVH wood


The house construction is made from KVH glued wood, chamber dried with inside application of a plaster fiber panel for ex. Fermacel, thanks to which, the house is safe and ecological.

All construction elements of our houses are manufactured in accordance with European norms and with fire resistance norms. Each element complies with the quality and the fire resistance requirements, including those required for multi-family homes and commercial buildings.

Because of an excellent combination of the thermal insulation values of the wall and its vapor permeability, as well as its ability to accumulate energy, the wall is the finest building material. Considering the whole process of montage of the house within just a few days –this includes a complete roof, and an unusual accuracy of manufacturing of the walls, ceilings and roofs- the costs of putting the finishing touches to a house are much lower. The ratio of price and quality is unrivaled.

The unique properties of the timber make it stable, elastic and easy to modify, and more importantly, it is a renewable resource.

KVH construction timber has German Certificate of Quality (Zertifikat KVH MPA Stuttgart). An official German name of this building material is Konstruktionsvollholz KVH, which means “a solid construction timber.” KVH timber is characterized by the highest resistance and quality. In the certificate description, the timber is classified as a material used in the most advanced, modern construction industry.

KVH is a product from the coniferous wood. It is dried in drying chambers, selected in terms of resistance, and as a rule, glued with micro attachers. Because of the way of cutting, and the low moisture content, the timber almost does not show a tendency to crack and is noted for the shape stability.

For more than 15 years of using KVH timber, there has been no case of woodworm attack detected. The solid construction KVH timber is only made of coniferous wood from European managed forests. For the timber drying, the sources of renewable energy are predominantly used. Due to the efficient hewing, the amount of used energy is small. No wonder this timber is characterized by great ecological balance.

Popularly used in USA, Canada as well as in West Europe, the skeleton constructions are mostly made of beams 38mm thick, and 89mm to 140 mm wide. We assume that a dwelling house should be as durable as possible. For that reason we use KVH timber of a much larger diameter. Ceiling beams are made of joists 60*220/240 (depending on the static calculations), and exterior walls of the building are made of beams 60*160 or larger to retain higher standards of warmth.

Why KVH timber is so special?

  • It does not crack

  • Fire retardant

  • Resilient to pests

  • Highly resistant and durable

  • No fractures or creaking

  • Ecological

  • It gives the rooms a unique character and high comfort