Energy saving concepts


It is a building in which design and technical solutions were applied, this allows for low energy consumption, and guarantees comfort sanitary conditions. In other words, it is a house with little energy loss, the energy that is necessary for the building use, especially for its heating.

The energy-efficient construction is an intelligent building technology that allows to acquire high thermal comfort. It also enables to build the low-energy house, which means very low costs of living, compared with an ordinary building. This is possible due to energy use limitation with respect to heating both the building, and the water, and the reduction of electric energy consumption. In order to reduce the thermal energy demand, the building should remain airtight; it is also necessary to apply good thermal insulation as well as suitable energy-efficient windows and consequently avoiding thermal bridging.

The buildings that are properly insulated and precisely built can use only 30 kWh/m²a.

The highest form of energy-saving construction are presently the passive houses.