The Future Home Production specializes in prefabricated wooden (KVH) “Holtzbautafel” houses. Our team consists of highly qualified and passionate people with long experience in the construction industry. We are ready to meet the most challenging requirements of the most demanding clients. The numerous contracts, including single-family houses, multi-family homes, commercial buildings and housing developments, fulfilled in Germany, Poland, and the Benelux countries prove our experience.


Future Home Production specializes in building prefabricated houses made from KVH Holz-based panels. We can build your house of dreams. Our clients are guaranteed a fair and stable price. Due to the application of the KVH wood, we can use the advanced computer-controlled production technologies with practically unlimited possibilities. These technologies are crucial to create the product.


We know that building YOUR OWN HOUSE is a very responsible and an immensely important task. We are also convinced that with Future Home Production you will get help and a consulting service provided by our team which will gladly make your dreams come true. Owing to the fruitful cooperation between our suppliers, we give you a possibility of creating the house that is cheaper than a brick one built according to the traditional architectural concept, to the high-tech ecological, energy-saving, high-standard exclusive house. Drawing on the continuous cooperation with experienced designers, we offer you a wide range of products- modern, prefabricated homes and eco houses that allow to create the concepts in many options, configuration levels and in various technologies. Particular emphasis is placed on the architecture and its balanced development, and on the energy efficient projects; the quality control and safety are crucial for Future Home Production.


With Future Home Production your dream of your own house can quickly come true. We are able to build your house based on your personal idea and wish to an accuracy of one millimeter in accordance with the project. Our designers will fit all your concepts and images of a house together into a harmonious whole. It does not matter whether it is a classic single-family house, a modern single-family house, a multi-family house, or a commercial building. We can build a house, a place of work or to create an individual project according to our concept. We give you an opportunity to take our suggestions and to use our skills. The new production hall will be opened soon. Thanks to the highest quality devices, the hall will provide us with unlimited possibilities of management and realization of the most advanced projects in shorter time. It let us to produce even 700 houses per year.


We know that a decision to build a house is one of the most important choices you make in life. It requires careful preparation and the trust for a chosen partner. In Future Home Production every customer is treated individually, yet with the same care. We spare no effort to make you happy. We will certainly help you choose the best solutions in accordance with your expectations and capabilities.

We are not afraid of challenges, or comparisons. The opinions of our customers will help you make the right decision to select a suitable and responsible supplier. Our company’s position and success is created with you, and that is why Future Home Production is the right partner to build your house of dreams. Get familiarized with our offer and become our next satisfied client.