Nowadays, more and more people devote a lot attention to their own and their families’ HEALTH. Outdoor exercises, sport, and responsible nutrition are indicators of a so-called ecological lifestyle, which has rooted in our awareness over the past few years.

So why don’t we consider the place we live? Why don’t we change our neighborhood where we spend most of our time? The health issue is gaining more importance also in the construction industry. Or architects and investors attach great importance to technology that protects natural resources and permits to live in a friendly environment.

Wood is a basic material used to build houses by Future Home Production. We use only selected, chamber dried KVH timber, which is whittled on four sides. Each beam has a certificate confirming its durability and conformity with standards. The wood prepared this way needs no impregnation! The wood impregnation chemicals that have a negative impact on living quarters, are also unnecessary.